• Medical Treatment Couches & Beds

    HMG Direct offers a huge range of electric treatment couches and fixed height treatment tables for medical clinics, hospitals, physiotherapists and...
  • New Ankle Braces & Supports

    HMG Direct now offers a full range of Ankle Braces and Ankle Supports! Our Ankle Braces are perfect for sports such as Netball; Basketball; Football and Running. Brands include ASO Ankle Braces, Zamst A2DX and Zamst A1, Mueller & Medi Sports Ankle Braces.
  • New Brower Black Box Wireless Timing Systems

    The New Brower Black Box Wireless Timing Systems are now available on HMG Direct!

    These new Black Box Systems have the same timing accuracy as their older brother - the TCi Systems; except instead of using a hand held receiver with radio frequency use a smartphone app with bluetooth transmission.
  • Saehan Hand Dynamometers & Measuring Equipment Now Available

    Saehan Strength Testing Dynamometers and Measuring Equipment are now available from HMG Direct! 

    Saehan Medical is a leading manufacturer of rehabilitation dynamometers and measurement products based in South Korea. Saehan has been manufacturing its products for well over 50 years and is known world wide for its low costing yet high quality options.

    Saehan Hydraulic Hand Dynamometers and Saehan Digital Load Cell Hand Dynamometers are best sellers and perhaps the best value for money option on the market when it comes to professional hand strength and grip testing.