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Bodystat Body Composition Analysers are very popular in the weight loss, dieting, nutrition, and medical fields due to their high level of accuracy and unique wellness markers. 

Bodystat's hydration and wellness markers help in the early detection of cellular health issues, detection of potential underlying disease, detection of muscle wasting, changes in health status and Malnutrition including the clinically obese. 

Bodystat's body composition measurements include Fat Mass, Lean/Fat Free Mass, Total Body Water, Intracellular Water, Extracellular Water, & Basal Metabolic Rate. 

Bodystat have been developing accurate and reliable bio impedance analysers for over 30 years. Bodystat analysers are made in the UK to the highest specifications and quality controls. 

The Bodystat Body Composition Analysers include the Bodystat 1500 Touch, Bodystat 1500MDD Touch and Bodystat Quadscan 4000 Touch. 

Benefits of Bodystat Body Composition Analysers:

  • Medically Proven whole body composition analysis and core cellular health measurement.
  • Accurate tracking of changes in Body Fat, Lean Muscle Mass & Hydration
  • Fast, reliable, cost-effective, reproducible results.
  • Trend Graphs (with additional software programs) available for quick evaluation for remedial action.
  • Cardiac Risk Analysis (included in software).
  • Unique Wellness MarkerTM (Impedance Ratio) overall health assessment. irrespective of age, weight, population group (available in the Bodystat 1500MDD device only).
  • Unique Prediction MarkerTM (Impedance Ratio) to assess fluid shifts intra- and extracellularly, including use as an additional marker for outcome, without the requirement for weight, height, age or gender (available in the Quadscan 4000 and Multiscan 5000 devices only).
  • Portability allows use in many different locations.
  • Non-invasive assessment of hydration, nutrition status and Lean Muscle Mass
  • Track Potential Risk of Lymphoedema in post-operative patients (Quadscan 4000, Multiscan 5000).
  • Made in UK