Collection: Gait Analysis

OptoGait is a portable and modular gait analysis system used to assess human movement and identify walking deficiencies, postural problems and asymmetries. The optogait sensors can be used in rehabilitation, orthopedic and sports science applications; it is also perfect for comparing the effect of shoes, insoles and arch supports.

Optogait acquires numerical parameters in real-time for gait, running and jump tests that can be viewed immediately. The easy to read report contains all data, and asymmetries between the two legs are highlighted instantly and the coefficient of variability of the action expressed, namely quality and consistency. Optogait does not only detect the numerical data, but, via small cameras, which can be freely positioned, it allows the user to acquire images of carried out tests, synchro­nizing them perfectly and in real time with detected events. Without the need for any further synchronization between hardware and cameras, the numerous benefits of cross verification of data and images can be fully used. The software makes some dedicated functions available dedicated to the graphic analysis of the images: by using a variety of instruments, every photogram of the video recorded can be utilised, angles measured, markers inserted, etc.

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