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The VO2 Master Pro is a new portable VO2 Max Analyser With Resting Metabolic Rate & 3rd Party Integration including Heart Rate and Muscle Oxygen.

Simple & Comfortable Wearable VO2 Max Analysis
Lab-grade weight management and performance analysis anywhere and anytime.

A stabilizing five-point harness increases accuracy.

At a weight of 200 grams, the device won’t hinder how the athlete performs. Equipment shouldn’t interfere with testing.

There is no longer a need to run with a backpack. Backpacks are meant for books and lunches, not VO2 analyzers.

Guided Testing and Automated Reports
Guided performance and metabolism testing with the VO2 Master.

Produce actionable reports for all your clients.

Provides VO2 Max, Training Zones, resting metabolic rate, caloric balance goals, and more.

A Fit for Every Athlete
Easy input of athlete information into a free mobile app.

Store thousands of athlete profiles and tests on your mobile device for quick access and sharing.