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Tanita Professional Body Composition Scales
Tanita professional body composition scales are the first choice among health professionals. The range includes the Tanita MC980, MC780, MC580, DC430MA, DC360 & SC240MA. They can be used to provide insight into a clients health and fitness, allowing you to provide specific recommendations. It also helps you measure the progress a client is making. The measurements are very accurate due to Tanita's Advanced Multi Frequency Body Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology. Tanita professional body composition scales have clear graphics and an informative interface to make the data come alive for your clients.

Tanita Advanced Body Impedance Analysis (BIA)
All Tanita Professional scales use advanced BIA technology.  Normal BIA technology works like this: a low, safe electrical current is sent through the client’s body. Based on the resistance and factors such as age, height and gender, the scale then calculates useful measurements. Tanita professional body composition scales don’t just use one current. They employ dual or multi-frequency technology, for even higher accuracy. Therefore, they have MDD Class II-a and NAWI Class III certifications, allowing use for medical consultations.

Why Choose Tanita Professional Scales

Recognised World Wide For Accuracy & Reliability (Since 1992)
High Quality & Durable Design (Made in Japan)
Top of the Market Features (Multi Frequency & Segmental Analysis)
Medical Certified & Approved Models (Tanita Medical Advisory Board)
New App Based & Wireless Software Models