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What is OptoJump? OptoJump is an optical measurement system consisting of a transmitting bar and receiving bar for measuring athletes flight and contact times while running or jumping.

Each of these optojump bars consist of 96 LEDs at 1.0416cm resolution and 1/1000 second accuracy. This allows the optojump to detect the relevant space and time parameters for different motor movements, from jumping to tapping and running even running on a treadmill.

Direct measurement of this data, combined with video acquisition automatically integrated in real time, permit objective and qualitative analysis, introducing a new philosophy of per­formance monitoring, assessment and optimisation as a support for a specific customized training programme.

The software platform allows to easily store all tests carried out and recall them instantly, if necessary. It is furthermore possible to compare very quickly and easily data of tests carried out at different times even by different athletes, in order to assess the validity and the efficiency of the methodology applied maximizing results.

OptoJump allows coaches, exercise physiologists and sports scientist to:

  • Assess objectively general physical conditions.
  • Identify deficiencies in strength, explosiveness, postural problems and asymmetries on the basis of data and videos
  • The development and application of retraining programmes, correction and optimization of the athlete's movement (running, jumping, change in direction etc.) based on numeric data.
  • Prevention of recurrences, complications and setbacks in the pathological or post-injury condition, thanks to the immediate finding provided by the numeric value.
  • Periodically verify the results and the efficacy of training .
  • Improve identification of the Return to Play or Return to Work moment.
  • Compare post- and pre-training or -accident values if available.
  • Verification, in a dynamic situation, of the efficacy of shoes, orthopaedic inserts, muscu­lar taping etc.
  • Run analysis and run efficiency optimization.
  • High intensity work thanks to the Biofeedback function in real time - reprogramming movement patterns.