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The EKF Diagnostic Biosen Analysers are the number one choice for professional sports teams and institutes for bulk laboratory Lactate & Glucose Testing. 

The Biosen Line by EKF Diagnostics requires minimal maintenance and uses chip sensors which have a long life span and are easy to replace. The backlit touch screen allows users to easily navigate the multi-lingual menu and adjust several of the system's parameters.

Each model in the Biosen range can store up to 1,000 patient results and provides connectivity to PC and printer. An optional bar code reader is also available.

Biosen Glucose and Lactate Analysers are available in three configurations:

C-Line GP+: 5 sample positions
C-Line Clinic: 20 sample positions
S-Line Lab+: 63 sample positions

Biosen C-Line GP+ meets the requirements of sites running predominantly single tests while Biosen C-Line Clinic & S-Line Lab+ are well suited for the analysis of sample series in laboratories, professional sports clinics, research institutes and universities.

The measurement of glucose and lactate on Biosen analysers is based on an electrochemical principle. The sample is precisely taken up by the user with a 20 µl end-to-end capillary and transferred into the EKF safe-lock cup prefilled with 1 ml of hemolysis solution.

The cup is then closed and gently shaken for mixture and hemolysis of the sample. After insertion into the analyser the sample is automatically taken up and moved to the sensor(s).

Here the ß-D glucose / L-lactate contained in the sample, is converted enzymatically with the help of the immobilised enzyme glucose oxidase / lactate oxidase on the chip sensor. The H2O2 generated by the reaction is detected at the electrode. The amperometric signal (sensor current) is proportional to the glucose/lactate concentration in the sample. Following a short flush the system is ready for the next measurement.