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Callegari CR3000 Analyser - All In One Point of Care Analyser
Lipid Profiling, Oxidative Stress, Cholesterol, Glucose, Haemoglobin, HbA1c, Haemotocrit,Triglycerides, Lactic Acid & Uric Acid Testing

The Callegari CR3000 is a unique point of care device that gives health professionals laboratory based technology & accuracy (wet chemistry); in a small, fast, easy to use & cost effective analyser!

Using the different cuvettes the CR3000 can test a complete list of POC Screening variables; it can also perform three tests simultaneously, dramatically reducing testing time for the user.

Wet Chemistry application assures accuracy and precision comparable with laboratory methods. The reading cells are thermostated to 37C which assures perfect testing conditions for temperature sensitive tests. Capillary blood samples are collected in capillary tubes, placed into cuvettes containing reagents and airtight caps. This procedure assures cleaner and safer testing compared to conventional. At no time dos the instrument come in contact with blood samples.

The Callegari CR3000 is one of the most widely used Point of Care Analysers in Europe; it is well recognised for its high accuracy, reliability, fast results & high quality design (Made in Italy).