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ECAL Energy Testing System - Metabolic Health Solutions (MHS)

ECAL is an Energy Testing System, developed in Australia; that can provide rapid, accurate and affordable metabolic information for health practitioners and their patients.

Based on Indirect Calorimetry, a technology normally found in Metabolic Labs and Sport Science departments, ECAL provides health practitioners with key metabolic information, such as metabolic rate, substrate use (fat or glucose) and mitochondrial efficiency. With this information practitioners can provide personalised nutrition and exercise programmes for patients and validate effectiveness.

At the heart of the system is proprietary software (ECHealth), that provides individualised reports for health professionals and patients, containing key energy measurements and a unique ‘my physiologist’ database that interprets and analyses the data and provides insights and recommendations for the practitioner.

ECAL has a footprint less than a subnotebook it is designed to sit on a practitioner’s desk, with a USB link to a PC or laptop. It is registered in Australia with the ARTG as a Class Two Medical Device and is similarly registered for use in Europe and parts of Asia.

ECAL provides significant opportunities for organisations that have interests in Human Energy Management. It incorporates the key elements for scientific weight loss, low energy and chronic fatigue, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle management.