10,000 Steps Program


The 10,000 Steps project originally began in 2001 as a whole of community approach to physical activity. Since then, the dissemination of the project has gone viral, providing free resources and support via the project website www.10000steps.org.au

Queensland Health provided the original funding to CQUniversity for the development of the project. Queensland Health have since continued to support the dissemination providing further funding to CQUniversity for the Project to continue to encourage active lifestyles and to support workplaces and health professionals in promoting physical activity and spreading the 10,000 Steps message!!

The 10,000 Steps project offers something for nearly everyone and every setting, however the three official audiences are:

- Individuals

- Workplaces

- Communities

CQUniversity has an agreement with Health Management Group as the exclusive wholesaler of the 10,000 Steps pedometers and merchandise. A percentage of profits made from these sales comes back into the 10,000 Steps project to allow the maintenance of the website and support for those using the project to continue.

For more information on the 10,000 Steps project, please visit www.10000steps.org.au