Body Resistance Training Bands 1.2m (100mm Width)
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Body Resistance Training Bands 1.2m (100mm Width)

Body Concept 1.2M Body Bands - Resistance Training Bands
At work, at home, at the office or on the road with a Body Concept Body Band you can train anywhere... anytime. This is the classic training device in the Body Concept Range. It is ideal for improving muscle tone of all major muscle groups.

Use the Body Band... during breaks at work to avoid muscle tension; as a portable exercise program; to stretch and strengthen the muscles while on business trips or holidays; to strengthen and tone specific muscle groups; as a therapeutic exerciser for rehabilitation after an injury; or as a group fitness training device!

Body Bands are available in 4 resistance levels:
  • Light Resistance / Red
  • Medium Resistance / Green
  • Strong Resistance / Blue
  • Extra Strong Resistance / Black

  • High Quality Latex with Improved Stretch Capability
  • German Company & Design


Workout Areas:
  • Upper Body: Shoudler / Biceps / Triceps
  • Trunk: Stomach / Back / Bottom / Hip
  • Legs: Thigh / Calf


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