Freelap Pro BT 101 Wireless Cycle Timing Kit
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Freelap Pro BT 101 Wireless Cycle Timing Kit

Freelap Pro BT 101 Cycle Kit

The Freelap Pro BT 101 Cycle Kit is wireless, accurate, easy to set up; and gives instant times at the coaches fingertips.

As the athlete passes the last transmitter the timing data is transmitted using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to an android or iOS Device such as a smartphone or tablet.

Ideal for Sports Coaches or Athletes assessing their speeds and times.

The Freelap Cycle Kit allows the coach or athlete to do the following:

  • Time Bikes on a loop from a single start finish point
Additional Timing Chips can be purchased to add more bikes.
Additional Tx Track Pro can be purchased to add split times.

Freelap Pro BT 101 Kit Contains:

  • 1x Bluetooth Chip
  • 1x Tx Track Pro Transmitter
  • 1x Canvas Bag

TX Track Pro Specifications:

  • Weight: 400g
  • Dimensions: 55 x 115 x 195 mm
  • Compatibility: FxChip / FxChip BLE
  • Transmitter with 3 codes: Start / Lap / Finish
  • Detection field: 3.5 meters on each side
  • Accuracy: 2/100 second
  • Minimum distance between 2 transmitters: 10 meters
  • Battery: 3.7V 5Ah LiPo + charging indicator, and automatic switch off function after 12h (charging time 10 hours)
  • Battery life: 50 hours
  • Water resistance: 3ATM
  • Operating temperatures: -20 ° C to +50 ° C


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