Harpenden Anthropometer Measuring Set

Harpenden Anthropometer Measuring Set

Harpenden Anthropometer Measuring Set (Made in UK)

This unit is a counter recording instrument which can be effortlessly operated from the tips of its branches.

The user can easily feel their way to the desired measuring points by means of their free finger-tips, in order to obtain a degree of accuracy not possible with conventional anthropometers.

This instrument gives a direct and accurate reading to the nearest millimetre over a range of 50 to 570mm. The unit is made from a light alloy, anodised to its natural colour. Its sliding member operates via miniature ball-bearing rollers in order to ensure a free movement without cross-play.

It is supplied in a well-made carrying case, complete with straight and recurved branches, a spare counter and beam extensions for measuring of heights up to two metres (When using these, a constant should be added to the counter reading). Weighs 2.80kg.



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