Holway Level 2 Complete Anthropometry Kit

Holway Level 2 Complete Anthropometry Kit

The Holway Level 2 Complete Anthropometry Kit includes calipers and anthropometers needed for a level 2 ISAK Certification Course. Holway Anthropometers are designed by certified ISAK III instructor Francis Holway, an global leader in anthropometry research and teaching. 


Holway Level 2 Anthropometry Kit Includes:

  • Lange bone anthropometer (60cm)
  • Small bone anthropometer (18cm)
  • Rigid segmometer (60cm)
  • Skinfold caliper (60cm)
  • Anthropometric tape measure (2m)
  • Head square (for height & arm span)
  • Transport case



  • Skinfold caliper: Calculate body fat percentage by measuring the thickness of the skin.
  • Rigid Segmometer: Measuring segments such as forearm, knee, hand, demi span length.
  • Head Square: Measuring height, sitting height and wingspan. 
  • Small bone anthropometer: Humerus, femur, bimalleolar, biestiloideo, hand and foot width, wrist, knee, and elbow.
  • Large bone anthropometer: Chest Depth, Shoulder width, back & waist measurements. 
  • Anthropometric tape measure: wrist circumference, waist circumference, arm circumference, leg circumference, upper arm length.


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