Polar H10 Group Heart Rate Kit
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Polar H10 Group Heart Rate Kit

Polar H10 Group Heart Rate Kit (10x Heart Rate Straps) - For Team & Club Monitoring

The Polar H10 Heart Rate Kit is specifically designed for either the Polar Team or Polar Club Apps. It consists of an iPad application and 10 x compatible Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensors with Chest Straps.

Polar Team App

Polar Team is an application that shows accurate real-time heart rates of your team players on screen. With objective heart rate data, you can give smarter guidance to your players. You can see who is tiring, who needs to work on their fitness, and who may have energy left in the tank. With this app you can coach your team to be the fittest in your league.

How does Polar Team Solution work?
Follow the performance of your whole team or concentrate on one player at a time. Spot the differences and guide your players at once. Compare several players on screen in real time. Motivate your players by showing them their effort on the go during training. After the training Polar Team reveals objective data on your players’ performance and shares reports with your players and coaching staff. Use the data to plan your next session.

How to get Polar Team Solution started?
All you need is to download the free Polar Team application onto an iPad and use the Polar H10 heart rate sensors.

Polar Club App
Engage and motivate your members with Polar Club's real-time effort tracking, based on scientifically validated and accurate Polar heart rate technology. If you're looking for trusted wearable technology designed for gyms, studios and fitness and health clubs, the Polar Club group fitness heart rate monitoring system is the perfect solution to drive results and retention.

How does Polar Club Solution work?
With Polar Club, you can track and display your class's effort in real time and coach them to reach their goals with performance data, such as heart rate, colour-coded heart rate zones and calories burned. Keep your class engaged and motivated with visually engaging rewards, such as zone time or calorie trophies. Your member’s can follow their progress, stay accountable and reach their goals through personalised feedback and automated summary emails.

How to get Polar Club Solution started?
Polar Club is a simple solution. All you need is an iPad with an Internet connection, a big-screen display, HDMI cable, and an HDMI connector or Apple TV to connect the iPad with your screen. Hook your members up with Polar heart rate sensors and everyones' heart rate pops up on the screen. Get started by creating your Polar Club account and then head to the App Store and dowload the Polar Club app. The best part? First 30 days is on us.

Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor With Pro Strap
When it comes to accuracy and connectivity, Polar H10 heart rate sensor is the go-to choice. Monitor your heart rate with maximum precision and connect your heart rate to your training equipment. With Polar H10, heart rate monitoring is more accurate than ever.

Hook up Polar H10 with Polar Beat, Polar’s free fitness and training app, and get accurate real-time heart rate directly to your phone. Not a fan of working out with your phone? With Polar H10 you can track your training session without your phone with you and transfer your heart rate data to Polar Beat after you finish. Just start a training session in the app, leave your phone waiting and get going.

The improved electrodes make Polar H10 the most accurate heart rate sensor in Polar’s history.

Polar H10 is compatible with top fitness apps, gym equipment and many other Bluetooth devices.

The Polar H10 keeps on improving with OTA software updates.

The 5 kHz transmission makes sure you can monitor your heart rate even in water.

Polar H10 has a built-in memory for heart rate data from one training session. The data can be transfered to Polar Beat, Polar’s free fitness and training app.

The new Polar Pro chest strap is comfortable to wear with soft textile material, slip-preventing silicone dots and a secure buckle.

Polar H10 Team/Club HRM System Includes:

  • 10 x H10 Digital Heart Rate Sensors With Straps
  • 1x Carry Folder
  • 1x Washable Pouch
  • Free Polar Team/Club App Download (Club App Subscription Based $199/Month)
  • Carry Case


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