Polar Team Pro GPS & Heart Rate System
Polar Team Pro GPS & Heart Rate System
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Polar Team Pro GPS & Heart Rate System

The Polar Team Pro is a revolutionary team performance system which combines GPS and MEMS Motion Sensor Technology along with Heart Rate Monitoring to give coaches a full picture on a player's on field performance. 

Follow training in real time on the field with team and player performance analytics on an iPad, and have this invaluable training data available anywhere and anytime for all coaches in the club with individual and secure login. Can also view results via the Web Login. 

Key Performance Indicators Available:

  • Heart rate and heart rate variability.
  • Heart rate zones.
  • Speed, distance, sprints, accelerations, decelerations ---and running cadence both outdoors and indoors.
  • Distance in speed zones.
  • Calories.
  • Player location on field (outdoors).
  • Training load and recovery time.



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Technical Specifications

Smallest & Lightest All In One Sports Sensor

The world’s smallest and lightest all-in-one team sports performance sensor weighs just 39 grams. It broadcasts your team’s live training data straight to your iPad via Bluetooth Smart with a 200 meter range. 10 Hz GPS and 200 Hz MEMS motion sensor measure combined movement based data - speed, distance, sprints, accelerations and running cadence both outdoors and indoors. The battery operating time is 10 hours with GPS, and the sensor has enough memory to store up to 65 hours of training data.


The Complete Solution

The days of heavy lifting are over: player sensors and the iPad compatible data transfer dock are all you need. You can use the dock for data transfer as well as recharging the iPad and up to 20 sensors at once.

The Polar Team Pro app and web service are your ultimate tools for evaluating, planning and monitoring training as well as recovery status and progress of the team and individual players.


Analyse Everything

  • Follow up to 60 players in real time.
  • Get team and player training summaries.
  • Gain deeper insight on training or break it down to phases.
  • Heat map analysis for player location on field.
  • Long term reports for both team and individual players.
  • Player comparison.
  • 24/7 individual player tracking.
  • Support for coaching multiple teams.
  • Export session data straight to excel.


Technical Specifications

Polar PRO Sensor Features:

  • High frequency processing:
  • GPS 10 Hz internal processing
  • Motion tracking (accelerometer, gyroscope, compass) 200 Hz internal processing.
  • 1 second recording rate
  • Measured data: 
  • Heart rate (bpm, % of max) and R-R Intervals (ms)
  • Heart rate zones (based on % of max or anaerobic threshold)
  • Speed (km/h or mph)
  • Distance (km or mi)
  • Distance in speed zones
  • Sprints (Number of maximal running accelerations)
  • Running cadence (rpm)
  • Location (GPS coordinates, outdoors)
  • Calories
  • Training load and recovery time
  • Indoor training supported:
  • Tracks speed, distance and acceleration for running sports also indoors. (location supported only outdoors)
  • Live data broadcast: straight to Polar Team Pro iPad app.
  • Long range and live data buffering:
  • Range on the field up to 200 meters (line of sight).
  • Sensor data buffer keeps track on player’s key performance indicators even during out-of range breaks. This is total distance, time in HR zones, distance in speed zones and cumulated training load over the training session.
  • Automatic recording and Bluetooth start & stop:
  • Wearing the sensor starts real time transmission and recording automatically.
  • Secure:
  • Live data encrypted and can be viewed only with team coach’s credentials
  • Informative LED display:
  • Player number and information on sync, battery and GPS.
  • New Polar red soft strap:
  • Silicon dots and lock buckle to keep the strap better in place in action and contacts.
  • Sensor is also compatible with all standard Polar Soft Straps. (Not compatible with Team2 strap)
  • 10 hours of operating time:
  • Updatable sensor firmware:
  • Firmware updates via iPad app when sensors in dock.
  • Bluetooth Smart heart rate compatible:
  • Works with all Polar and 3rd party Bluetooth Smart devices as heart rate sensor. Other than HR data (speed, distance etc.) can only be viewn in Team Pro app.
  • Small size:
  • Height:36 mm (1.42 in), Width:68 mm (2.68 in),
  • Depth:13 mm (0.51 in)