Tri Balls Incentive Spirometer
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Tri Balls Incentive Spirometer

Tri-Balls Incentive Spirometer
An incentive spirometer is a machine used to mimic normal human yawning or sighing by having you take long, slow and deep breaths. The total operation time lasts for up to 3 seconds. While doing this, your inspiratory volume and how well you are filling your lungs with each breath are measured. Besides, one of the major advantages of the incentive spirometer is to prevent lung problems after surgery. Using the incentive spirometer after surgery will help to keep your lung expansion and active while recovering, especially if you are at home performing daily activities to: a. Increase your inhaled lung volume. b. Improve getting ride of mucus or spit. c. A void serious lung infection. Deep breathing helps alveoli fully expand. Alveoli are small air sacs deep in your lungs. You normally take many deep breaths each hour and are usually not even aware of doing this. You take these deep breaths without thinking about it like when you sigh or yawn. However, sometimes when your normal breathing pattern changes, you may start taking shallow breaths in an effort to lessen pain after chest or abdominal (belly) surgery. The “IS” helps you return to normal breathing pattern even if you are having pain and can help prevent breathing problems such as pneumonia. Using an “IS” can also help if you have some lung illnesses, such as COPD.
  • Three colour-coded balls in each chamber provide a visual incentive for patients.
  • Air will enter each chamber and raise the balls depending on the flow of air inhaled per second.
  • The whole set includes EVA tubing, Mouth Piece, Tri-Ball Incentive Spirometer.
  • Single-patient use to minimize the risk of cross contamination.
  • 12 mm OD Connector
  • 31cm Flex Tube
  • Flow Rates: 600 mL/sec, 900 mL/sec, 1200 mL/sec
  • Material: AS for chamber, PE for ball and mouthpiece, and EVA for tubing
  • Pink, yellow and green colours for three balls
  • Weight: 150 grams
  • Measurement: 135 x 135 x 70mm
  • Latex Free

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