Smart NFC Emergency Medical Information Keyring
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Smart NFC Emergency Medical Information Keyring

Experience convenience, security, and lifelong usability with our Key Ring – no batteries, no subscriptions. This innovative product features an NFC chip and dynamic QR code for easy access to your latest medical information and passive geolocation tracking. Take control of your health details with 24/7 updates, ensuring accurate and readily available information for emergency situations.


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Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications

The Smart Medical Information Keyring is a revolutionary product that uses cutting-edge technology to instantly share your essential medical information safely, convenient & contactless in case of an emergency, including:

  • Photo & Date of Birth.
  • Blood Type.
  • Medical Condition.
  • Allergy.
  • Medication.
  • Emergency Contact information.
  • Additional Information & more.


Product features and benefits:

  • Update Your Details Any Time 24/7: Manage and instantly update your profile from anywhere with our cloud-based platform. Our user-friendly interface allows you to change your medical information whenever needed conveniently. Whether you have new medications, updated contact information, or any other relevant updates, you can easily ensure that your profile remains accurate and up to date.
  • No app or download is required: We have designed our system to be accessible and hassle-free. You can update your details directly from our cloud-based platform without the need for any additional applications or downloads. Simply log in to your account using a web browser, and you'll have full control over managing your profile.
  • NFC Chip and Dynamic QR Code: The keyring is equipped with an NFC chip and a dynamic QR code. These technologies allow easy retrieval of the user's latest medical information by tapping the keyring or scanning the QR code.
  • Medical Information Retrieval: When the keyring is taped or scanned, it will retrieve the user's latest medical information and display it on the scanning device. This feature ensures that relevant medical details are readily available in case of emergencies or when accessing healthcare services.
  • Passive Tracking: The keyring incorporates a smart passive tracking system. Once the keyring is taped or scanned, this system is activated. It utilises geolocation technology to track the location of the person wearing the keyring. The tracking information is sent to a cloud-based system, which can then display the location details.
  • Email Notifications: Besides displaying the location on the cloud-based system, the smart passive tracking system can also email the registered email address. This feature allows authorised individuals to receive notifications regarding the location of the person wearing the keyring.
  • No Maintenance or Battery Required: One of the benefits of the smart NFC medical keyring is that it does not require a battery for the NFC chip. This means that the wristband can operate without frequent battery replacements or recharging. The absence of a battery enhances the keyring's convenience and reliability, ensuring it always remains functional.
  • One-Time Payment for Life with No Subscription Fees: We offer the advantage of a one-time payment for a lifetime of usage. There are no recurring subscription fees or additional costs associated with the use of the keyring beyond the initial purchase. This pricing model provides a cost-effective solution and eliminates the need for ongoing payments, making it a convenient and economical choice for users.
  • Lifetime Warranty: The keyring comes with a lifetime warranty, demonstrating our confidence in the product's quality and durability. You can view the full details in the warranty section.

How does it work?

When the key ring is taped or scanned, it will retrieve the user's latest medical information and display it on the scanning device. This seamless process allows medical professionals or authorised individuals to access crucial medical details quickly and efficiently.

Taping or scanning the keyring provides medical information and activates the Smart Passive Tracking System. This system initiates geolocation tracking and displays the real-time location of the person wearing the wristband through our cloud-based system. An email notification can also be sent to the registered email address, ensuring that authorised individuals are promptly informed that the key ring was tapped and the whereabouts of the wearer's location.

Our innovative cloud-based system plays a vital role in ensuring the accuracy and availability of medical information linked to the Keyring. It allows for instant updates of the medical data 24/7, making sure that medical responders have access to the most current information in case of an emergency. This real-time data synchronisation enhances the effectiveness and reliability of the wristband, providing peace of mind to both users and their caregivers.

Both passive tracking and email notification can be turned on/off from our cloud-based system, providing users with control and flexibility over their privacy and preferences. This feature allows users to customise the tracking and notification functionalities according to their specific needs and circumstances.