Collection: Fitmate MED Metabolic Analyser With Spirometry

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The COSMED Fitmate MED is the first portable diagnostic equipment designed to provide a complete picture on cardio pulmonary function including Metabolic Assessment (REE, RMR) Maximal oxygen uptake (Sub Vo2 Max, VO2 Max) & Full Spirometry (FVC, SVC, MVV). It combines the features of the Fitmate RMR; Fitmate PRO with a Desktop Spirometer!

The Fitmate MED is a compact desktop device with internal rechargeable battery, a large LCD screen and in-built printer that allow testing without a computer or mains power lead. Fitmate MED processes test results and stores all information inside its internal memory, ready for upload to PC software (included). In combination with traditional stress ECG, the Fitmate MED can assess the patient’s functional capacity, overcoming limits of conventional cardiovascular stress test without the need of expensive equipment.

In addition, Fitmate MED also provides multiple scores for cardiovascular risk stratification (Duke Score, Framingham Index, European Heart Score, BODE Index), which are useful for a more effective classification of the cardiac patient. Patient rehabilitation is then managed with exercise prescription and weight management software according to established international guidelines.