7kg Slam Ball
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7kg Slam Ball

7kg Slam Ball - Weighted Slam Ball
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The Non Bounce Weighted Slam Balls are intended for functional resistance training exercises varying difficulty for any fitness, sport or rehabilitation application. The Slam Ball is perfect for exercises such as wood chops, overhead throws and much more! Slam Ball Exercises help you gain explosive strength, muscle strength and tone the entire body from your shoulders all the way down to your legs. Using Slam Balls will force you to do a variety of challenging movements that will increase cardiovascular activity and aid in weight loss.

Available in a range of different weights as per below:

  • 3kg Slam Ball
  • 4kg Slam Ball
  • 5kg Slam Ball
  • 6kg Slam Ball
  • 7kg Slam Ball
  • 8kg Slam Ball
  • 9kg Slam Ball
  • 10kg Slam Ball
  • 12kg Slam Ball
  • 15kg Slam Ball
  • 20kg Slam Ball
  • 23kg Slam Ball
  • 25kg Slam Ball


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