Ankleaid Ankle & Foot Ice Bath

Ankleaid Ankle & Foot Ice Bath

The Ankleaid is a specially designed Ankle & Foot Bath which allows users to either fill with ice or hot water to help with ankle & foot injuries.

Therapeutic: AnkleAid is designed specifically as a therapeutic device for people with ankle and foot injuries/conditions.

Toes Out: Toes are less tolerant to extreme temperatures, so AnkleAid keeps the majority of the foot in the water while keeping the toes out. The reult is more effective and more comfortable therapy.

Multi-Functional: AnkleAid can be used for both cryo/cold and thermal therapy. For cold therapy just add the appropriate amount of water and ice. For heat therapy, use desired water temperature with or without Epsom salt.

Comfortable: AnkleAid's unique design allows your foot to sit in it's natural resting position with a slight stretch. This stretched position is very helpul in restoring dorsiflexion when receiving treatment leading to quicker and more effective recovery.

Portable: AnkleAid is small and light enough to be used anywhere in the house, or it can be easily taken to the gym, work, school, or therapy.

Easy-To-Use: It is as simple as filling ankle aid with the appropriate amounts of ice water or hot water. However, always consult a doctor for the temperature and duration that is right for the specific injury or condition.

Affordable: Compared to other therapies that involve compression, AnkleAid is a fraction of the cost.

Durable: AnkleAid is crafted using an ultra-durable hard plastic to withstand both hot and cold temperatures, and to prevent cracks and breakage when being stored. With normal use, you should never have to buy another AnkleAid in your lifetime.




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