Bodystat Quadscan 4000 Touch Body Composition Analyser
Bodystat Quadscan 4000 Touch Body Composition Analyser
Bodystat Quadscan 4000 Touch Body Composition Analyser
Bodystat Quadscan 4000 Touch Body Composition Analyser
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Bodystat Quadscan 4000 Touch Body Composition Analyser
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Bodystat Quadscan 4000 Touch Body Composition Analyser
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Bodystat Quadscan 4000 Touch Body Composition Analyser

Bodystat Quadscan 4000 Touch Body Composition Analyser

The Bodystat Quadscan 4000 Touch is top of the range when it comes to body composition and fluid analysis. The Bodystat Quadscan 4000 Touch is the body composition analyser of choice for Clinics; Hospitals and Researchers due to its high accuracy and unique measurements. The Bodystat Quadscan 4000 measures cellular health, nutritional status, fluid shifts in and out of the cells.  This device is used extensively in ICU, Oncology for Lymphodema monitoring, Diabetes & Obesity and Renal Clinics. It has also been successful in the assesement of dry weight for dialysis patients. 

Bodystat Quadscan 4000 Touch Measures:

  • Whole Body & Segmental Analysis (Segmental Raw Data)
  • Fat Mass
  • Lean/Fat Free Mass*
  • Dry Lean Mass
  • Dry Lean Weight**
  • Total Body Water 
  • Total Water Ranges**
  • Extracellular Water
  • Intracellular Water
  • 3rd Space Water*
  • Body Cell Mass (BCM)
  • Nutritional Index**
  • Prediction Marker (Impedance Ratio)**
  • Skeletal Muscle Mass Available Via Software
  • Basal Metabolic Rate
  • BMR/Body Weight
  • Daily kCalorie requirements
  • Body Mass Index
  • Body Fat Mass Index
  • Fat Free Mass Index
  • Waist-Hip Ratio
  • Waist - Height Ratio Available Via Software
  • Normal ranges for body fat, lean, total weight and water
  • Resistance
  • Reactance
  • Phase Angle*
  • BIVA Vector Analysis Available Via Software
  • Multi Frequencies (4)- 5, 10, 100 & 200kHz

*Directly measured & unique to Bodystat
**Methodology is unique to Bodystat


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Technical Specifications

Bodystat Quadscan 4000 Touch - Multi Frequency Body Composition & Fluid Analyser

The Bodystat Quadscan 4000 Touch is an advanced multi frequency bio impedance analyser which offers both whole body and segmental analysis. The Bodystat Quadscan 4000 offers clinicians and hospitals easy and accurate fluid analysis, cellular health analysis, prognostic health indicators, nutritional indexes and raw impedance data. 

The Bodystat Quadscan 4000 non-invasively measures the flow of current through the body at four different frequencies: 5, 50, I00 & 200 kHz. Low frequencies have difficulty penetrating the cell wall and pass predominately through the extracellular spaces, while higher frequencies are able to penetrate the cellular membrane and pass through both intracellular and extracellular spaces. By applying Bodystat’s own unique researched equations, the system quickly determines values for body composition, hydration status and cellular health.

Bodystat Prediction Marker (Impedance Ratio)

It is well documented that in disease states, extracellular fluid plays a vital role in patient outcomes. Uniquely, the QUADSCAN4000 can determine the expansion of the
extracellular fluid space which is a proven indicator to improving or declining cellular status. Bodystat uses the multi-frequency bio-impedance raw data measurement values it obtains for extracellular water and total body water to determine each
patient’s unique Prediction Marker; an increase in this value shows further deterioration in health status while a decrease shows cellular improvement.

Potential opportunity for use:

  • Predictor of Outcome before surgery.
  • Identify potential high risk surgery patients and track the effect of surgery.
  • Raise awareness of potential complicated clinical courses of patients during hospitalization.
  • Effectiveness of rehabilitation recovery after surgery.
  • Assessment of cellular health & hydration status.

 Segmental Analysis

Multi-frequency BIA technology has the advantage of performing measurements on specific sections of the body without the weight or other input data of the area being measured yet is still able to obtain meaningful output data.

If requiring only the left leg, right leg, right arm or left arm to be measured, connect the electrodes according to the principal of equipotentials.

Only the accurate raw Impedance measurement data at 5 kHz and 200 kHz is used to calculate the Prediction Marker and applying its principles of interpretation.

Some users may additionally use the Reactance and Phase Angle values to interpret the measurement results.

It may either be the health or nutritional status of the body cells or the ratio of ECW to TBW of the particular body segment that is being determined.

This may also depend on the medical condition and health status of the subject itself and the segmental area of measurement.

However, the important point to remember it is CHANGE in the biomarker that should be focused upon to determine the TREND over a period of time, hours, days, weeks or months.

 BIVA - Bioelectrical Impedance Vector Analysis

BIVA represents a quick pictorial method of showing hydration and nutritional status of a subject in comparison to
their population group. It can also be referred to as the “RXc graph”. Developed by Professor Antonio Piccoli in 1994, BIVA simply uses Resistance (R) and Reactance (Xc) at 50 kHz, measured to the subject’s height (not requiring the subject’s weight).

The subject’s results are shown in the form of a dot on the vector graph. The positioning of the dot reflects the subject’s health status in comparison to their relevant population group.

Bodystat Quanscan 4000 Touch Includes:

  • Bodystat Quadscan 4000 Touch Device
  • Cables
  • Electrodes (Large Version)
  • User Manuals
  • Carry Case
  • Body Manager Software (Windows compatible Only)

    Technical Specifications

    Bodystat Quadscan 4000 Touch Specifications:

    • Technology: Bio-Impedence Analysis (BIA)
    • Impedance Measuring Range: 20 - I300 ohms
    • Accuracy: Impedance (5 kHz): +/- 2 Ω; Impedance (50 kHz): +/- 2 Ω; Resistance (50 kHz): +/- 2 Ω; Reactance (50 kHz): +/- 1 Ω; Phase Angle (50 kHz): +/- 0.2º; Impedance (100 kHz): +/- 3 Ω; Impedance (200 kHz): +/- 3 Ω
    • Test Current: 620 Micro-Amps R.M.S. (Root Mean Square)
    • Multi Frequency (4x): 5/50/I00/200 kHz (KiloHertz)
    • Calibration: A calibrator is supplied for independent verification from time to time
    • Configuration: 2 LEMO wires (removable)
    • Computation Time: 3 seconds
    • PC Communication: USB Connection
    • Operating Temperature: + 5 ºC to + 40 ºC
    • Storage Temperature: 0 ºC to + 60 ºC
    • Internal Power Source: Duracell MN1500 alkaline batteries, 6 x AA (LR6) 1.5v non-rechargable
    • Dimensions: 240mm L x 155mm W x 30mm H (5 inch colour Touch Screen)
      Weight: Unit weight - 410 grams
    • Service: There are no serviceable parts other than the need for periodic battery replacement.
    • Quality Standards: Manufactured to strict ISO 13485:2016 quality standards. Fully accredited by the Medical Devices Directive (MDD) with it’s CE1639 marking and for EN6060I, also FDA cleared.
    • Made in UK

    Optional Accessories:

    • Thermal Printer


    12 Months Warranty