Digi DT800 Multi Lane Timer (New)
Digi DT800 Multi Lane Timer (New)
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Digi DT800 Multi Lane Timer (New)
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Digi DT800 Multi Lane Timer (New)

The Digi DT800 (DT8100) Multi Lane Timer provides an Accurate and Simple Timing System - which reduces the likelihood of user timing errors and lost times due to misplaced race results. It simplifies the way you obtain and record your race results; it is also extremely portable and can be used in any location.

New DT8100 Multi Lane Timer uses a rechargeable battery with usb cable. 

The DT800 Multi Lane Timer is Perfect For:
  • Lap/Split or Bib Races
  • Swimming
  • Running & Sprints
  • Sports Carnivals
  • School Competition Sport
  • 8000 Lap Memory Capacity
  • Inbuilt Printer for Instant Result Feedback
  • Up to 10 Individual Lane Buttons Available for Track and Road Finishes
  • 1 Button Start Removes Inaccuracies from Watching for Gun Smoke
  • 12/ 24Hr User-Selectable Clock
  • 4-Digit Bib Number
  • 4-Digit Place Counter
  • 2-Digit Lap Counter
  • Auto Print Out
  • Print Final Result Function
  • Pre-Entry of Bib Numbers in Track Races
  • Single and Multiple Race Start Times in Road Race Mode
  • Wave Start Option for Road Races for Age Groups or Categories
  • Maximum 99 Waves
  • Race Recall Function
  • Memory Clear Function
  • Printing Pause Function
  • Key Operation Sound
  • Rechargeable Battery with USB Cable provided
  • Download Race results to PC via Digi sport instruments software

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