Dog Sled - Multi Functional Sled

Dog Sled - Multi Functional Sled

Dog Sled - Multi Functional Strength Training Sled

The Dog Sled Multi Functional Sled is the perfect low-impact way to tone, tighten, and condition your muscles. When properly used, running sleds help reduce strain on the legs and feet, even if you are working with heavy weights. Sleds reduce the risk of spraining your joints or pulling a muscle because these sleds provide stability. Besides keeping your muscles safe, this sled will help you get absolutely jacked. You can train and condition certain muscle groups with our Dog Sled Multi-function Sled System, including your abs, glutes, arms, and legs. Create your own unique circuits with this running sled. The Dog Sled Multi-function Sled System can be used on different types of terrain and hard surfaces, including grass, turf, concrete, and asphalt.

  • Dog Sled Multi Functional Sled
  • Heavy Duty Pushing/Pulling Sled
  • Commercial Grade
  • Can Be Used on Different Terrains & Surfaces
  • Plate Storage Stations For Even Balance
  • Multiple Point Attachments
  • Even Load During Pulling Exercises
  • Perfect For All Types Of Sled Dragging & Pushing
  • Build Lower & Upper Body Strength
  • Endurance & Sports Training
  • Sled Size: 115cm x 64cm x 40cm


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