GP-280T General Purpose Outdoor Scoreboard

GP-280T General Purpose Outdoor Scoreboard

The GP-280T is specifically designed for outdoor use. It has large 280mm LED Digits for Game Time; Score Indicators and a 150mm Dot Matrix for Team Names. The GP-280T Outdoor Scoreboard is 1200mm x 2000mm. 

Key Features and Specifications

  • Durable, maintenance free, weatherproof enclosure. Designed specifically for outdoor use.
    Impact resistant, UV stabilised polycarbonate front screen.
    Frosted screen eliminates reflections from stadium lights.
    Ultra bright, wide angle LED digits in red, yellow, green, or white used for all digits.
  • Size 1200mm H x 2000mm W
  • Layout:
    • 1 x 4 digit dual row 280 mm Game Time Indicator with a colon
      2 x 2 digit dual row 280 mm Score indicators
      2 x 150 mm dot matrix red or yellow 10 character each Team Names
  • Accessories
    • 1 x CC-10-R wireless controller
      1 x Siren mounted on top of the scoreboard
      1 x Installation manual
      1 x User manual

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