HP Cosmos Mercury Med Testing Treadmill
HP Cosmos Mercury Med Testing Treadmill
HP Cosmos Mercury Med Testing Treadmill
HP Cosmos Mercury Med Testing Treadmill
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HP Cosmos Mercury Med Testing Treadmill

The HP Cosmos Mercury med testing treadmill has a large 0-25% elevation; fast 0-22km/hr speed and optional harness system making it a first choice for sports performance testing and training. 

The HP Cosmos Treadmills are used and compatible with Stress ECG Machines, VO2 Max Analysers, Metabolic Carts, Motion Sensors & Gait Analysis. 

HP Cosmos Mercury Med Key Features:

  • Speed Range: 0-22.0 km/h (0-6.1 m/s) (0-13.6 mph).
  • Elevation: 0-25.0 % (0-14.0°) motorized adjustment.
  • Running Surface: Length: 150 cm (4ft 11.06") Width: 50 cm (1ft 7.69").
  • Motor:  4.5 HP (3.3kW) 3-phase AC motor, maintenance free and
  • Console: 6 LCD displays, 4 LEDs for operation modes, 20 LEDs for display of units & profile no, steps, etc.
  • Displays: Mode, Speed, Distance, Time, Elevation, Heart rate, Program-No. / -Step, Energy, Power, MET, Fitness-Index.
  • Inputs/Modes: Manual control, 6 Training profiles with over 100 variations; 28 test profiles (UKK 2 km Walktest, Bruce, Graded test, Naughton, Ellestad, Gardner, Conconi, Ramp, etc.); 8 User defined profiles - no limitation with the software h/p/cosmos para graphics;  Target heart rate - upper and lower level; Age and Sex; Weight and Height; Intensities for acceleration and deceleration; Load parameter.
  • Control: via User Terminal MCU5 with keyboard and display,
    integrated interface or via optional remote control.
  • Digital interface: 1 x RS 232 com1 with 9600 bps: incl. PC-protocol, h/p/cosmos coscom® & printer protocol serial.
  • Optional Add Ons: Reverse Belt Rotation (For Bidirectional Movement), Safety Arch with Harness.


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Technical Specifications

The HP Cosmos Mercury Med Treadmill is a best seller for sports performance, sports medicine and rehabilitation testing.

H/p/cosmos Standard

h/p/cosmos has been developing and building treadmills since 1988 in Germany
for various fields including fitness, competitive sports, sports medicine, orthopedic
and neurological rehabilitation, sport science, biomechanics, uniformed services,
performance diagnostics, cardiopulmonary diagnostics and rehabilitation. This
experience, maximum standards in quality and advanced technology are the
foundation of our business and also reflected in the mercury® med treadmills.
The outstanding level of h/p/cosmos products and service as well as attractive prices
form the h/p/cosmos standard.

Stable and low-maintenance

With their stable frame, the treadmills are almost indestructible, very low-maintenance
and offer both runner or patient a pleasant running feeling thanks to their state-of-the art design. They also stand out due to their smooth running, their versatile functions,
their powerful drive system and their timeless and user friendly design.

Medical device (class IIb) and sports treadmills

Our treadmills are available as risk class IIb medical treadmills as well as sports
treadmills. As a medical device, they are particularly suitable for the use in the fields of
cardiology, neurology, cardiological rehabilitation and physiotherapy. The interface via
coscom® v4 of the h/p/cosmos treadmill and ergometer series enables the connection
to ECG, ergospirometry systems, blood pressure monitors and software programs.


Customer-specific configuration for individual solutions

Treadmills off the peg can be many, at h/p/cosmos you can also get your individually
assembled treadmill solution with a large selection of options and accessories. Too
little budget for the desired configuration? Changed demands on the treadmill system
due to new business areas or new areas of application? No problem, most options and
accessories can also be retrofitted at a later date. With h/p/cosmos you are always on
the right track, because you cannot make the wrong decision due to the flexible and
modular design.

Standard and long handrail

The ingeniously simple plug-in concept makes it a child‘s play to change the
handrails and adapt them to the required application. As standard we deliver all
treadmills of the mercury® series with handrails, which cover about half of the
running surface length. By quickly loosening two hex head screws, the short
handrail can be easily removed and replaced by the therapist or trainer with a
long handrail (reaching to the end of the running surface), either on one side
or on both sides (for extended safety when stepping onto the running deck.

Additional options for your individual treadmill solution
The numerous additional options allow you to adapt h/p/cosmos treadmills exactly to
your needs and your field of application. Some of our most successful options:

Safety arch fall prevention

In the event of a fall, the patient is caught with a safety harness and the treadmill is
automatically stopped.

Unweighting system airwalk® ap (with optional emergency stop)

Unweighting system (dynamic and continuously adjustable approx. 0.5...80 kg) and
optional emergency stop (patient is caught in a vest or neopren short and the treadmill
stops). For operation of the airwalk® ap, a compressor is needed.


Reverse belt rotation

The running belt runs in the opposite direction. With the incline set at the same time,
downhill running can be simulated. The option is available for all h/p/cosmos treadmills
with incline option.


Technical Specifications

  • treadmill: mercury® med
  • manufacturer: h/p/cosmos sports & medical gmbh / Germany
  • order number: cos30000-02va02
  • applications: endurance training walking and running, stress device for performance testing, gait analysis and gait training
  • control: via UserTerminal MCU5 with keyboard and display, User Terminal 180° rotatable, integrated interface or via optional remote control
  • keyboard: 6 keys for manual control, easily controllable with medical gloves and under sweaty conditions
  • running surface: L: 150 cm (4ft 11.06“) W: 50 cm (1ft 7.69“)
  • access height: 23 cm (9.06“) - shock load reduction for the joints - rubber running belt with slip-resistant pyramid profile - max. permissible load: 300 kg (661 Ibs)
  • speed range: 0.0...22.0 km/h (0.0...6.1 m/s) (0.0...13.6 mph)
  • acceleration: 7 acceleration / deceleration levels between 131 s and 3 s from 0 to max. or from max. to 0; equals 0.038… 1.66 m/s² levels 1 to 4 enabled, levels 5 to 7 on request adjustable via treadmill or remote control
  • elevation: 0.0...25.0 % (0.0...14.0°) motorized adjustment (-25 %...+25 % when using optional reverse belt rotation)
  • running direction: switch for reversing belt direction at extra charge. Max. permissible reverse speed 5 km/h (3.1 mph) if no safety-harness with fall-stop prevention system is used.
  • motor systems: 2.2 kW (3 PS) 3-phase AC motor, maintenance free and brushless. For high-performance applications we recommend models with a 3-phase 3x400 volt power supply and a running surface min. 190/65 cm.
  • power transmission: frequency inverter, poly-V-belt, very quiet operation
  • safety systems: n; medical device directive MDD 93/42/EEC; machinery directive 2006/42/EC; EMC directive 2014/30/EU; IEC 60601-1; EN 60601-1-2 (EMC tested); IEC 62304; EN 14971; ISO 20957-1; EN 957-6; emergency-stop mushroom push button (for drive system power-off), emergency-stop switch (safety lanyard with actuator, pull-cord and clip); potential equalization bolt; transformer for potential-isolation from the mains. degree of protection: appliance class I M / type B R / IP 00
  • classification: medical device risk class IIb according to MDD 93/42/EEC, active therapeutic medical device and active diagnostic medical device
  • usage class: S, I according to ISO 20957-1
  • accuracy class: A (high accuracy) according to EN 957-6 earth leakage current: < 0.2 mA
  • ambient condition: 0…+40 °C; 20…90 % humidity, 700…1060 hPa air pressure 3,000 m (~10,000 ft) max.altitude without pressurization
  • display (resolutions) paramter: 6 LCD displays, 4 LEDs for operation modes, 20 LEDs for display of units & profile no, steps, etc. speed (0.1 km/h or m/s or m/min or mph), time (00:00) in hours, minutes & seconds, elevation (0.1 % or degrees) distance (1 m...999.9 km or miles), METS (1 MET) program step/number, energy (1 kJ/kcal), fitness index (1) power (1 Watt), heart rate (1 bpm / beat per minute) optional
  • resolution: 1 decimal place
  • units: metric / imperial
  • heart rate monitoring: pulse receiver available (5kHz), heart rate chest belt optional at extra charge.
  • digital interface: 1x RS 232 com1 with 9600 bps: incl. PC-protocol, h/p/cosmos coscom® v3/v4 USB-RS232-converter; com2; com3 with 115.200 bps; com4. optional at extra charge
  • programs: 6 exercise profiles (scalable, more than 100 variations) 11 test profiles (UKK 2 km Walktest, Bruce, Graded test, Naughton, Ellestad, Gardner, Conconi, Ramp, etc.) 20 free definable programs with 40 program steps each PC software (incl.): h/p/cosmos para control® for display & remote control; including 1 x RS232 interface cable 5m (16 ft 4.85“)
  • PC software: (extra charge) h/p/cosmos para graphics®, para analysis® & para motion®. PC software for control, monitoring, recording & analysis
  • accessory (incl.): instruction for use on USB media-stick, lubrication oil, allen-key,
    5m (16 ft 4,85”) PE potential equalization cable
  • colour of frame: pure white RAL 9010 (powder coated)
  • handrails: s teel tube handrails Ø 60 mm on both sides; length: 620 mm; cross bar,
    steel tube handrails are easy removable and can be replaced by other special handrails. front-crossbar Ø 30 mm
  • voltage supply: 200...240 Volt AC 1~/N/PE 50/60 Hz 16A type C fuse; dedicated circuit, line and protection
  • size of frame: L: 209 (+/-1) cm (6ft 10“ +/- ½“) W: 86 (+/-1) cm (2ft 9.9“ +/- ½“) H: 147 (+/-1) cm (4ft 3.6“ +/- ½)
  • net. weight: device approx. 231kg (509 Ibs)
  • gross weight: device approx. 320...350 kg (704...770 Ibs)




20 Year Motor Warranty