Jamar Jebsen Taylor Hand Function Test Kit

Jamar Jebsen Taylor Hand Function Test Kit

The Jamar Hand Function Test is a comprehensive set of evaluations to measure everyday hand function. It includes a variety of tests that mimic day to day activities that require acute hand dexterity.

Practical Testing Methods
The best part of the testing methods in the Jamar Hand Function Test is that they measure real world application of hand function. Many tests provide data that isn’t easily applied to everyday life but this test is based on practicality. Seven subtests provide a comprehensive understanding of patients’ hand capabilities.

Simple Evaluations
The tests in the Jamar Hand Function Test are easy to administer and measure. The set comes with 50 blank record form for keeping track of data. The instructions help practitioners administer accurate and effective tests..


Jamar Hand Function Test Kit Includes:

  • Seven part hand functionality test for everyday hand use
  • Activity board measures 28cm x 103cm, comes with 50 blank recording forms, instructions, and a cotton duck carrying bag
  • Tests are conducted with household objects like paper clips, cans, and pencils
  • Includes all of the necessary objects for testing
  • All materials are latex free


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