Keiser A350 Biaxial Upper Back Machine
Keiser A350 Biaxial Upper Back Machine
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Keiser A350 Biaxial Upper Back Machine

Specifically designed to isolate the upper back, this Biaxial Upper Back is unlike anything else. It forces you through a range of motion that optimizes the effect on all of the muscles of the upper back. Unilateral movement promotes symmetry by preventing the strong side from helping the weaker side. Since the muscles of the back are one of the largest muscle groups in the body and this machine is focused specifically on the upper muscles, the Keiser Lat Pull Down is a great adjunct for the complete training of this all-important muscle group.


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Technical Specifications

Keiser’s Dynamic Variable Resistance is designed to provide a smooth consistent Variable Resistance force curve at any training speed. Each machine has its own unique Variable Resistance curve designed and tuned perfectly for the muscles being used in that particular exercise. For users, this means that working out at any speed, you’ll always be training at maximum efficiency.

Pneumatic Resistance
Keiser equipment is air-powered (pneumatic), meaning lighter, quieter equipment in your facility. Compressed air for Keiser equipment is delivered through Keiser’s custom-designed air supply system. Keiser strength equipment weighs less and is quieter than iron-based machines.

Power Display
The Power Display provides both resistance information and repetitions performed in clear 1 inch numbers. The two window displays measure in either one pound or one kilogram increments for single station units and 1/10 pound or 1/10 of kilogram increments for the infinity series. All displays come with the Keiser eChip system standard. The eChip system is a simple to use electronic workout card that recalls previous workouts and settings and downloads the data easily into a personal computer without wiring or equipment.
  • The unique axis of rotation allows a greater range of motion in natural planes of movement
  • Offers unilateral movement – each limb can be trained symmetrically
  • A cost-effective way to provide strength training options
  • Virtually zero shocks to muscles, connective tissues, and joints
  • Smooth Keiser Dynamic Variable Resistance
  • Fully adjustable to accommodate a wide range of users
  • Bilateral movement for body symmetry training
  • Large digital displays with resistance and counted repetitions
  • Durable construction engineered for years of use
  • Thick base for added stability

Technical Specifications

  • Height: 78” / 1981 mm
  • Width: 43” / 1092 mm
  • Depth: 60” / 1524 mm
  • Weight: 194 lbs / 88 kg
  • Resistance Range: 0- 350 lbs / 0 - 159 kg
  • Made in USA