Personal Training & Fitness Kit
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Personal Training & Fitness Kit

The Personal Training Kit is used by students for TAFE, College and University Fitness and Personal Training Courses (Cert III and Cert IV Fitness). 

The Personal Training Kit Includes the Following:

  • Slim Guide Body Fat Calipers
  • Dual Head Stethoscope
  • Sphygmomanometer With Adult Cuff
  • Basic Tape Measure 


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Slim Guide Body Fat Calipers

  • Body Fat Caliper
  • Calibrated range 0-80mm.
  • Measures In Increments of 1mm
  • Extremely Economical
  • Very Strong Construction
  • Made from ABS Plastic
  • Includes Booklet Entitled "How To Measure Your Percentage Body Fat"


Dual Head Stethoscope

  • Dual Head Stethoscope
  • Light weight aluminium reversible head chest piece
  • Adjustable chrome plated internal binaural
  • Flexible 56cm pvC tubing
  • Non chill ring for patient comfort
  • packaged in a hanging display case


Sphygmomanometer With Adult Cuff

  • Basic Model Aneroid Sphygmomanometer
  • Black enamel 300 mmHg no stop pin manometer
  • Velcro Adult cuff, complete with bladder, bulb and valve
  • Two-handed operation


Basic Tape Measure

  • 1.5M Measuring Tape
  • Retractable Measuring Tape
  • Dual Sided: Cms & Inches
  • Clip At End for Circumference Measurements
  • Measurement Range: 1 - 150cm
  • Division: 1mm