QuickScan Urine Drug Test x 10

QuickScan Urine Drug Test x 10

QuickScan Multiple Urine Drug Test (Pack of 10)

QuickScan is a fast and reliable urine drug screen which tests for the most common drugs of abuse at the cut-off levels set out in the Australian and New Zealand Standards AS / NZS 4308.

QuickScan is a cassette test that uses a pipette (which is included in the test kit) and provides extremely accurate results within just a few minutes.

QuickScan Tests For (Including Cut Off Levels):

  • AMP - Amphetamine 300 µg/L
  • BZO - Benzodiazepines 200 µg/L
  • COC - Cocaine Metabolites 300 µg/L
  • MET - Methamphetamine 300 µg/L
  • OPI - Opiates 300 µg/L
  • THC - Cannabis Metabolites 50 µg/L


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