Soft Foam Plyometric Box Set (Set of 4)

Soft Foam Plyometric Box Set (Set of 4)

Soft Foam Plyometric Box - Set of 4 Foam Plyometric Boxes

The Foam Soft Plyometric Boxes combine safety and convenience with easy to read height measurements and firm foam material. Each different foam plyo box is a different colour. Athletes can perform box jumps without fear of scraping their shins and still have the security that the box will stay in place.

Plyometric exercises are perfect to improve an athletes ability and skill and will seriously increase speed and strength. No matter your fitness level, incorporating box jumps and other plyometric drills into your workout is a great way to increase your heart rate, boost metabolism and burn fat.

Because you’re fighting gravity to get yourself up on the box, you’re using it to help build muscle, increase strength and develop power. You don’t have to be an elite athlete to perform box jumps either. Quite a simple excercise, but extremely effective.

  • Foam Plyometric Box Set
  • Set of 4 Foam Ply Boxes
  • Soft Foam For Safety & Protection
  • Different Colors For Different Heights
  • 4 Different Heights 15cm, 30cm, 45cm & 60cm Soft Foam Plyo Boxes
  • High Quality
  • Long Lasting Durability


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