Tanita HR200 Height Rod

Tanita HR200 Height Rod

Tanita HR200 Height Measuring Rod (Wall Mountable)

Tanita introduces the next breakthrough in stadiometers, with its brand new wall-mountable height rod, the HR-200. From its high-quality aluminum construction, to its durable ABS plastic, this easy-to-mount height rod is simple-to-use and built for many years of service. Mounting is effortless and can be done within minutes - just place the pillar on the floor, positioned against the desired wall, and install with the included hardware.

The Tanita HR-200's innovative modular design allows for years of serviceability, should it ever be required. Plus the retractable design and folding headpiece stores in a compact footprint when not in use. This easy-to-read height rod measures from 64 cm to 214 cm.

  • Height Measuring Rod
  • Wall Mountable
  • Measuring Range: 64cm - 214cm
  • High Quality Aluminum
  • Retractable Design
  • Folding Headpiece


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