Ultrak 1000 Professional Mechanical Stopwatch

Ultrak 1000 Professional Mechanical Stopwatch

The Ultrak 1000 is a professional sports and mechanical stopwatch with a high quality 13 jewel design for precision movement and timing. The Ultrak 1000 Mechanical Stopwatch can measure 1/10th of a second over 30 seconds and 15 minute for the short hand timer.

  • Precision & High Quality Mechanical Stopwatch
  • 13 Jewel Design
  • Start/Stop By Crown
  • Reset Push Button On Side
  • Long Hand 30 Seconds Per Turn
  • 1/10th of a Second
  • Short Hand Up to 15 Minutes
  • Rugged Steel Case
  • Dimensions: 7cm Width x 9cm Height x 2cm Depth 
  • WARNING: Winding the watch too tightly will cause the watch to lock and stop working.


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