Wall Ball Set

Wall Ball Set

Wall Ball Set - Leather Weighted Wall Ball Set
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Wall Balls are Soft Medicine Balls layered with foam, weighted and PU leather covered. Ideal for a variety of cardio, and strength building exercises. Perfect for core fitness, endurance, coordination, flexibility and CrossFit training. Ball is to be used to throw against a wall not slammed on ground like Slam Balls.

Available in a range of different weights which are colour coded below:

  • 3kg Wall Ball - Black/Yellow
  • 4kg Wall Ball - Black/Purple
  • 5kg Wall Ball - Black/Green
  • 6kg Wall Ball - Black/Orange
  • 7kg Wall Ball - Black/Grey
  • 8kg Wall Ball - Black/Red
  • 9kg Wall Ball - Black/Green
  • 10kg Wall Ball - Black/Blue
  • 12kg Wall Ball - Black/Brown


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