KFORCE Force Plates
KFORCE Force Plates
KFORCE Force Plates
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KFORCE Force Plates

The KFORCE Plates by KINVENT enables measurement of static and dynamic balance in a wide range of movements (Stance, Squats, Counter Movement Jump). Resistant and lightweight, ideal for assessment and exercise in proprioception.

KFORCE Plate Key Measurements:

  • Force Measurements (Strength, Isometric Testing)
  • Stance Evaluation (Centre of Pressure & Weight Distribution)
  • Posture & Balance Analysis (Left vs Right; Bipodal & Unipodal)
  • Jump Analysis (Height & Flight Time)


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Technical Specifications

Stance evaluation

Center of pressure and weight distribution measurement.

Dynamic report

This report can be used on squats or push-ups. It gives you the average distribution, the instant maximal ground reaction force, the weight distribution according to the intensity of the forces.

Weight distribution work

Set a weight distribution objective and margin and work on static basis.

Challenging games

The games are customizable in order to train the patient or athlete with fun and towards a target, which can be adjusted in terms of percentage of the Max Evaluation, depending on the assessment results. Moreover, there are 10 levels of difficulty for each game, proposing an extra challenge to the patient/athlete.

Center of Pressure

Antero posterior and mediolateral movements extending the limits of stability zone and challenging the patient in balance exercising.

Jump analysis

Assess the jumping characteristics of the athlete and access data in explosivity, weight distribution, max strength and multiple among other jump variables.

Measure Progress

Track your patient’s progress in lower limb strength and balance. Create and share reportings with the technical staff and the social security. 

Stance Evaluation

  • Bipodal stance (Center of pressure analysis).
  • Tips/heels distribution (Tip/heel of the feet distribution for bipodal stance)
  • Tip/heel distribution (Unipodal stance analysis)

Dynamic Evaluation

  • Squats analysis (Assessment of the left/right distribution according to the force’s intensity on squats).
  • Pushups Analysis (Assessment of the left/right distribution according to the force’s intensity on pushups).
  • Jump Analysis (Assessment of the forces’ generation by the way of the different parameters of the Jump’s impulsion).


  • Bipodal proprioception (Unstable cushion biofeedback training).
  • Unipodal proprioception (Unstable cushion biofeedback unipodal training).
  • Shoulder proprioception (Shoulder proprioception on an unstable cushion).
  • Belt straps & Plates (Reduced weight training by means of belt straps).

Technical Specifications

Technical Characteristics of KFORCE Plates

  • Minimum requirements Android 5.0+ and iOS 10.0+, Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Weight 1600 grams
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 330 x 175 x 30 mm / Plate
  • Wireless range Up to 20 meters
  • Max force 300 kgs for each plate, 600 kgs for both
  • Battery 12h00 of autonomy, 6h00 charging /Plate
  • Precision 500 grams
  • Acquisition frequency Up to 75 Hz
  • Wireless transmission Frequency 2.4 GHz band (Bluetooth Low Energy)


12 Months Warranty